What Colour Shoes Should You Wear With Your Suit?

What Colour Shoes Should You Wear With Your Suit?

Whether you’re dressing for an upcoming wedding, a smart-casual event or a formal occasion this year, no matter the expense of your tailoring and the suaveness of your suit, choosing the right colour shoes for your outfit is crucial to achieving a sophisticated and well put-together end result. There are a number of shades you can opt for when suiting up for a smart occasion, but what colour shoes should you wear with your suit? At Cheaney Shoes, we’ve created a guide to help you avoid a footwear faux-pas.

What colour shoes should you wear with a navy suit?

When it comes to a choice of suit, navy is one of the most versatile colour options you can opt for. Suitable for work, weddings and any other formal events, navy suits find the perfect balance of smart and casual. They are a popular alternative to formal black suits. But what colour shoes should you wear with a navy suit? Dark blue hues such as navy are best complemented with the warmth of brown tones, whether that be light or dark. From rich chocolate to lighter tan, pairing brown leather or suede Oxfords or brogues with a navy suit will always result in a stylish aesthetic. 

What colour shoes should you wear with a grey suit?

Grey suits are another popular and versatile option when it comes to formal wear and can be easily paired with a choice of shoe colour. If you opt for a lighter shade of grey, both darker brown and tan shoes are, again, another well-suited option that bring warmth to the cool, steeliness of the shade. Or, if you want to try injecting a little colour into the look, try oxblood or burgundy leather for achieving the same stylish effect.

If your suit is charcoal grey, stick to darker shades of these same colours to complement the darker tone of your suit. Whichever shade of grey you opt for, black shoes are always a failsafe look; particularly at a more formal event.

What colour shoes should you wear with a black suit?

The most traditional and formal of all suit colours, a well-tailored black suit should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. While black usually acts well as a base colour and a blank canvas for outfits, a black suit is not easily paired with light or colour-contrasting shoes. When it comes to what colour shoes to wear with a black suit, a classic pair of black Oxfords are the safest option for achieving a smart and elegant look at any formal occasion and black-tie event.

What colour shoes should you wear with a blue suit?

Bold and bright, a blue suit is the contemporary cousin of navy and ideal for the more casual occasions in your calendar. Just as navy suits pair well with brown shoes, paler blues work better, in turn, with paler shades of brown. Whether your suit is a Royal blue or a summery pastel shade, opt for tan leather or suede opposed to darker hues to complement your blue suit and perfect the smart-casual aesthetic at every suitable occasion. 

The Best Shoe Combinations:

  • Navy Suit – Brown shoes of any shade.
  • Blue Suit –  Light brown and tan.
  • Grey Suit –  Light or dark brown, black, burgundy or oxblood shoes.
  • Charcoal Suit – Dark brown, burgundy, oxblood or black shoes.
  • Black Suit – Black shoes only.

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