What Is Veldtschoen Construction?

What Is Veldtschoen Construction?

Traditionally, Goodyear welted footwear, which is the typical method of construction for the majority of our shoes, consists of the welt being sewn around the perimeter of the upper of the shoe on to the insole. A Veldtschoen shoe contains all the same components of a Goodyear Welted Shoe. However, the leather upper is turned out and stitched above the welt, rather than the leather upper being wrapped underneath and stitched beneath the welt. This durable construction method results in a flexible, comfortable yet robust shoe that is arguably more water-resistant due to the stitching system.

Cairngorm II C Country Derby Veldtschoen in Black Grain, Shop Here

This manner of construction requires an extremely technical and experienced hand as it is such a highly specialised technique, with only a select few brands creating Veldtschoen footwear, with Cheaney being one of them. It is a production method usually used to make English country and hiking shoes.

For Autumn Winter 2020, we wanted to extend our range of Veldtschoen options and took inspiration from our two iconic styles, the Cairngorm II derby shoe and the Pennine II derby boot. Wanting to honour the heritage of the pieces, the Cairngorm silhouette was kept the same and still features on the 4436 last, our longest running and most historic last, yet we crafted new colour options for the season. Classic black grain and vibrant almond grain were chosen to compliment the existing rich burgundy hue currently offered.

Additionally, Pennine was re-imagined in both burgundy and black grain but fur lining was added to the design to allow for extra warmth in the boots, perfect for the colder months. Lastly, an entirely new design, the Brecon C, was developed in autumnal tones and boasts a thick Commando sole, Veldtschoen construction and elastic side gusset for a Chelsea boot that packs a punch.

The collection itself was curated with practicality, functionality, form and style in mind. You can browse all the styles on our website here.