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Have you ever wondered what the letter(s) B, C, D, R or even GV means in the name of the style of footwear; well it references the sole used on your shoes or boots. Gain insight into the different types of soles we use on our footwear, from a traditional leather to heavy duty rubber sole, there is a sole for every occasion.

Oak Bark Tanned

Leather Sole

Our men's Imperial range soles are constructed using a traditional method of leather preservation, dating back to at least medieval times. Oak bark tanning is a very slow process as the hides are needed to be steeped in oak bark extract, usually between nine and twelve months. The process allows a natural, hard wearing but flexible sole. The Cheaney Imperial Collection are stitched in-channel and concealed, then finally hand painted for a distinctive finishing touch.

Imperial Sole
Leather Sole

Single & Double

Leather Sole

All of our leather soles are made from strongly tanned premium quality hides, cut to shape. A groove is constructed into the sole to house the sole stitching. Then each shoe is individually trimmed, stained, polished and stamped to finish. The sole can be doubled up, so they can become more hardwearing and visually create a chunkier look.

Extra Flex

Leather Sole

Shoes crafted with this sole are consider more flexible and more water-resistant than a normal leather sole. The Extra Flex Leather is visually dark brown in colour and has been intensely treated with oils and waxes in a long highly technical tanning process. Like the other leather soles a groove is constructed into it, this houses the matching brown sole stitching. Finally the sole is stamped with classic Cheaney branding.

Sole Code: EF

ExtraFlex Leather Sole
Cemented Stained Sole


Leather Sole

The Sole is made from vegetable tanned leather and is lightweight and highly durable. Stained with our customary sole colour and to finish polished and stamped with our traditional branding. The sole features in our styles made with Patent leather and lends itself to the most formal occasions.

Cemented Flexy

Leather Sole

New addition into 2021, this sole was developed just to our specifications to form our Collapsible Cemented range. The Sole is made from vegetable tanned leather with a tight grain and is highly flexible and lightweight perfect for our Collapsible range. Highly durable and with a buffed finish, allows it to hold anti-slip properties. Kept as a natural colour and to finish stamped with our traditional branding, this sole is perfect for those summer getaways.

Cemented Flexy Leather
Diamond Rubber Sole


Rubber Sole

Great alternative to the traditional leather sole, the diamond rubber sole adopts a refined profile and is lightweight, compared to other rubber soles. The name comes from the fine small diamond tread pattern in the forepart of the sole for grip and less slippage. Featured on many of our classic styles. Perfect for a dress shoe worn around the city.

Sole Code: D


Rubber Sole

We developed the Cheaney Studded sole as the placement of the studs suited our last shapes better than Dainite. All of our mens products which were on Dainite have now migrated over to this. As with all rubber soles it is extremely durable and hardwearing and also very comfortable for the wearer. Available in black and brown.

Sole Code: R

Cheaney Studded
Eton Eco Sole

Eco Step Recycled Studded

Rubber Sole

Vibram's pioneering eco-compound made from a minimum of 30% recycled rubber takes shape into a tradition Studded sole pattern and has help us form our Eco-Aware Collection. By taking at least 50% of the waste of the virgin rubber material from production they form new soles, creating an unusual speckled design aesthetic while still having a high-quality compound formulation.

Sole Code: VE


Rubber Sole

Adopted by the British Army in the 1940's the Commando Sole is highly resistant to wear and tremendous non-slip capacity. Made by Itshide the cleated design and centre star medallions provide great traction and cushioning. Perfect sole for the great outdoors, shock absorbing properties allows exploring the most rugged of terrains less challenging. The go to sole on our Veldtschoen collection, available in black and brown.

Sole Code: C

Commando Rubber Sole
BritGrip Rubber Sole

Brit Grip

Rubber Sole

The Brit Grip rubber sole has been designed to combine effective resistance to wear and great non-slip properties also as an added bonus the unique contemporary tread design is based off the Union Jack Flag. Also manufactured by Itshide an English producer of premium quality soles and heels, it takes on all the similar qualities of a Commando Sole, however is set apart with its distinctive tread pattern.

Sole Code: B


EVA Sole

Made by Vibram this Sole is available on both men and women styles. The cleated tread design known as 'Genepy' is very similar to the Commando but alternatively is made from a very lightweight rubber-like compound named by Vibram as 'Vi-Lite'. Striving on comfort and flexibility, but heavy aesthetic features allows for maximum energy conservation. We offer the Genepy sole in black or brown but also white features in our Spring/Summer Collections for its great versatility.

Sole Code: GV

Vi-Lite Rubber Sole
GumLite Rubber Sole

Gum Lite

Rubber Sole

Lightweight compound and superior durability performance, the Gum Lite Sole has a unique rippled tread pattern assisting the wearer in uphill waking with its exceptional grip traction. Used on our popular style Hurricane, a mens boot originating from our aviator inspired collection makes for a great vintage walking and recreation boot. An additional creation from the highly renown Vibram brand.

Sole Code: GL


Rubber Sole

Crinkled textured originating from tree sap the 'Crepe' sole is natural and has great comfort and flexibility. Known for being very lightweight and naturally shock absorbing, makes the Crepe sole a great addition in your Summer shoe collection.

Sole Code: CREPE

Crepe Sole
Dainite Rubber Sole


Rubber Sole

This famous UK made sole has been produced by the Harboro Rubber Company. Since the early 1900's it has been a statement sole used in English Goodyear Welted footwear. The studded tread pattern is instantly identifiable but very effective, as it is ensures the soles do not retain soil and are easy to clean. Harboro rubber compound is extremely durable and hardwearing also very comfortable for the wearer. The Dainite rubber soles now only feature in our womens collection. Available in black and brown.

Sole Code: R


Leather & Injected Rubber Sole

Introducing our 2023 addition: the Black Leather Injected Rubber Sole. Enhancing our Cemented range, crafted from black leather with an injected rubber center, they ensure a non-slip finish for secure steps. Their slimline look is versatile and sophisticated for a working wardrobe. Laser etched with our branding; these soles are in keeping with our visual principles.

Cemented Leather & Injected Rubber Soles