The best shoes to wear with skirts

The best shoes to wear with skirts

Summer is pending and, for those of us in the UK, the download speed is a bit slow. However hard it may be to think ahead to warmer weather when there is still a chill in the air, it has a habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Let’s look forward to the days of evening barbecues and day drinking in the local park by rounding up the shoes that will work brilliantly with skirts and dresses.

Although a popular year-round clothing item, skirts become particularly popular this time of year, with sundresses and maxi skirts finding their way firmly back into rotation. We’re here to prove that leather footwear can give unparalleled comfort due to their breathability as well as elevate the overall style to a whole new level.

Let’s start by saying that any item of footwear that finishes below the ankle is a safe bet when worn with skirts of any style, and oxfords are arguably the most classic of the lot. For office wear, a simple black toecap or brogue design has an understated elegance that fits perfectly with formal outfits, but the sky’s the limit for your day-to-day casual skirts and dresses. When worn with tights in the cooler months, you can play with earth tones in clothing and keep it simple with a dark brown brogue, as these tend to go with pretty much anything.

At this time of year, it’s nice to have a bit more freedom of expression. For a classic and relaxed look, a block colour shoe will work nicely with any plain or patterned skirt in complementary colours, for example: light chestnut shoes work excellently with purple, as does dark leaf, which also tones in beautifully with blue.

You should never be afraid of experimenting with different colours and seeing what works. Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you could opt for a two-tone spectator shoe which will add a touch of vintage class to your outfits. For a reliable match, you can utilise the same ideas of complementary colours to work with one of the colours on the shoe; alternatively, wearing a skirt in a similar colour to the base colour of the shoe will create a more analogous look.

When you make bold colour choices, both colours stand out – whether you see that as a good or a bad thing will inform your choices.

Milly Oxford Brogue in Dark Leaf Calf Leather/Sand Canvas

Loafers and skirts are a perfect match as they are light, flexible and classy. The same ideas on colour mentioned above can be applied (or subverted, depending on your style) – in terms of formality, loafers will be a more casual choice depending on material. Suede loafers are always a good option due to their added flexibility and comfort, and our new unlined versions take it a step further. Made from luscious suede from Charles F. Stead, their vibrant block colours are easy to coordinate with a variety of colours. With brighter colours, you may find it easier to try and correspond the loafer with a colour skirt from the same colour family as opposed to trying to find a perfect match. With patterned skirts, tone in one of the colours with the loafer and you can’t go wrong.

In terms of choosing between the penny design or tassel, it’s largely down to personal preference. The sleek penny loafer works particularly well with block colours in clothing, whereas the added flair of the tassel loafer continues the story of printed designs and patterns really nicely.

Tilly Collapsible Tassel Loafers

Chelsea boots are one of the all-time classics and can be worn just as easily with skirts and dresses as with trousers. The sleek shape and uninterrupted design of this model could quite easily be dressed up (excuse the excellent pun) but completes any outfit involving flowing maxi skirts and dresses. The taller profile also makes these appropriate with A-line skirts either on or above the knee.

For a modern 60s look, take a timeless pair of black Chelsea boots and pair them with a patterned A-line mini.

Avril Chelsea Boots

At the more casual and rugged end of the spectrum, we have derby boots. As with any boot, a taller lace-up works with the flowing skirt styles like maxi skirts and dresses – as opposed to Chelsea boots, a solid pair of derbies will give your outfits more of a 90s-inspired grunge edge.

Skye Hiker Boots

Boots like these also add a touch more protection in terms of wet weather or rugged terrain, perfect for countryside rambles or pesky summer showers.

As with anything relating to personal style, it’s worth remembering that it is exactly that: personal. Finding what works for you takes a bit of time, experimentation and only a small amount of inspiration. Investing in a quality pair of shoes and working from the ground up will ensure that everything else falls into place, and you can up your skirt game to a new level of class.