Rambling Man – Why We Shouldn’t Shun Suede

Rambling Man – Why We Shouldn’t Shun Suede

Many of you have reached out to us on social media to comment on how much you enjoyed hearing the ramblings of our Covent Garden Store Manager, Alex Pardey, with a firm favourite being our previous ‘Ask Alex’ series. So we’ve given Alex his own weekly blog spot (we must be mad) where he will post the thoughts of a rambling man, with some shoe commentary sprinkled for good measure. We hope you enjoy!

It was sunny for approximately one day this week and now everyone is talking about Spring. I get it – I think we all deserve something to look forward to, and maybe the sunlight hitting our groggy faces in the morning made us feel like butterflies emerging from a furlough chrysalis; or at the very least we could feel some excitement that maybe, just maybe, it won’t be too long until we can meet our friends in the park and get day-drunk on lukewarm cans of G&T.

It was a sad day last week when I put my big wool winter coats and scarves back into storage for another year. I flourish in cold weather: I love layering jumpers, scarves, coats, and generally feeling cosy, and find it a lot easier to put a good outfit together. Unlike almost everyone else, I find the height of summer stifling and can’t understand why anyone would enjoy being hot, sticky, and irritable. Whereas in winter you can always add a layer if you’re feeling the chill, there’s only a certain amount of clothing you can remove when the weather heats up before you get arrested. 

I also have the complexion of a sickly Elizabethan boy, so even the thought of sunlight is giving me sunburn.

Luckily for me, we’re not quite out of the woods yet, season-wise. This is as good a time as ever to bring myself back down to earth and talk about shoes for a bit: more specifically, transitional styles for Spring.

It’s important not to become complacent when deciding what to wear at this time of year, like all the guys I saw wearing shorts because they mistakenly thought it was at least 10 degrees warmer outside. Just because it isn’t snowing doesn’t mean you’re not going to get surprised by a biblical downpour, so it isn’t quite as simple as transitioning from fur-lined boots to unlined loafers. ‘April is the cruellest month’, after all… 

For my tastes, this is the perfect time of year for suede. “Suede?” you say, “but Alex! You just mentioned rain! Doesn’t suede melt in rain?” 

No. Given the right treatment, I would say that suede is one of the most reliable and comfortable materials in the known universe, whatever the weather. I’m going to presume that you’re not wearing a suit at the minute, so the benefits of a nice suede boot at this time of year (or pretty much all year-round) are almost unbeatable. Chelsea boots and derby boots are both great options for looking great whilst being lightweight and protective.

Failing that, if I have failed to persuade you over the years that suede is excellent, you don’t really need to look any further than some of our mainstay styles. These are classics because they work all year round: somewhere between the chunky utility boots of winter and the sleek loafers of summer, you’ll find personal favourites like Avon, Deal, and Hythe. These are casual enough to be worn with jeans and chinos, yet give your outfit the edge over whichever grotty trainers you were thinking about wearing. They’ll also keep your socks a good deal drier.

A quick note on our fur-lined boots – just because I’ve put the scarves away doesn’t mean I can’t wear my beloved Scott boots. They’re a breathable material and, in my experience, will keep you comfy up until the temperature outside reaches about 16 degrees, at which point I’ll try and fit in the box with them so I don’t have to deal with summer again.

So, there’s a couple of viable options for the upcoming season. As always, these are my opinions and your personal style may want for something different, but we’ll have you covered either way. 

If you enjoy my ramblings, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m going to doing this blog weekly from now on, as long as I don’t get distracted. If there’s any pressing questions you would like me to cover, please get in touch! – Alex

Alex can be found on Instagram at @shoes_maketh_man