A Guide To Leather Aftercare; Polish, Creams & Colours

A Guide To Leather Aftercare; Polish, Creams & Colours

If you’re on this page, chances are that you’re wondering which products and colours we recommend to look after your shoes. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of our current leathers with the recommended products.

Please use this as a guide, but feel free to use some creative licence within reason. For instance, if you’d like to switch to a darker brown creme to enrich the colour, or a neutral polish to antique the leather, don’t let us stop you – just exercise caution and be sure to test the product on a small part of the shoe first. 

Unless noted, all products can be applied on the uppers with a soft cloth or a brush in small amounts and buffed off with a polishing brush before applying the next product. Where polish is listed, we also recommend using one of our applicator brushes to apply a small amount onto the welt of the shoes to aid water protection. 

A comprehensive guide to polishing your shoes can be found here.

The products are listed in the correct order of use but it’s not necessary to use all products every time you clean your shoes; a quick application of creme or polish will be satisfactory if you’re pressed for time.

Alfred Mocha Calf Leather

Calf Leathers

Black calf/black grain: Renovator cremeblack cremeblack polish 

Bronze rub-off grain: Renovator cremedark brown cremeblack (to enrich) or dark brown (to keep colour similar) polish

Burgundy calf/burgundy grain: Renovator cremeburgundy cremeburgundy polish

Charcoal: Renovator cremeblack polish 

Chestnut/Almond Grain: Renovator cremelight brown cremechestnut polish

Conker: Renovator crememedium brown cremechestnut polish

Dark leaf: Renovator crememahogany crememahogany polish

Espresso: Renovator cremetobacco cremeespresso polish

Mahogany grain: Renovator crememahogany crememahogany polish

Mahogany polo: Renovator crememedium brown cremeespresso polish 

Mocha calf/walnut grain: Renovator cremedark brown (to enrich) or tobacco (to keep colour similar) creme – espresso polish  

Navy: Renovator cremenavy cremeblack/neutral polish

Jess Black Chromexcel Leather

Specialist Calf Leathers

Black chromexcel: black/neutral Cuir Gras

Black hydro leather: black/neutral Cuir Gras

Brown museum calf: Renovator cremetobacco creme – espresso polish

Burgundy chromexcel: neutral Cuir Gras

Burgundy coaching calf: Renovator cremeburgundy creme 

Chicago tan chromexcel: dark brown/neutral Cuir Gras only 

English tan chromexcel: neutral Cuir Gras

Hurricane II In Mole Kudu

Other Leathers

Black cherry goatskin: Renovator cremeburgundy cremeblack polish

Copper goatskin: Renovator creme – havano creme – espresso polish 

Dark brown deerskin: Renovator cremedark brown creme

Whisky/black/mole kudu: Renovator creme only 

Saxon Loafer in Bitter Chocolate Suede


For all suede, I would use the same aftercare: Omni Nettoyant suede shampoo, neutral Renovator aerosol, and a suede brush.

Post written by Covent Garden Store Manager Alex Pardey
IG: @shoes_maketh_man