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Robert McIntyre

My thanks for excellent service

I was looking to purchase a particular pair of Cheaney shoes which, according to your website, were 'out of stock' in my size. On telephoning your company, I spoke to a young woman named Kate, who on hearing my tale of woe quickly sourced a pair of the requisite shoes, in my size, in one of your London stores. These were delivered to me most promptly, and now I have the pleasure of wearing them. My sincere thanks to Kate for all her help, and to the company for an excellent pair of shoes, and brilliant customer service. Sincerely yours, Robert McIntyre
Russell Whaile

Superior Looks and Comfort

I am the proud owner of more than 10 pairs of Cheaney shoes bought online or from your Desborough factory shop. Over the last five years you can see this is a company on the up and up - well managed and producing an outstanding range of shoes and boots that are an absolute pleasure to wear. They are worth every penny in looks comfort and style and congrats on the recent Queens Award for International Trade - and for being hand made in Northamptonshire!
Simon Gray

Excellent customer service

I have owned Cheaneys for over ten years now and have been luckily enough to have the opportunity to add another three pairs of shoe to my wardrobe in the last 18 months. Having recently moved to London I have had the good fortune to frequent the Jermyn Street store where I have been blessed to have been served by Claudio. Claudio is as polite and helpful as knowledgable. I have been bowled over by this level of service from putting up with my strange feet to advising me on how to rectify my shoe care blunders. Claudio is a credit to the brand and I cannot praise him highly enough. The shoes and the team could not be more highly recommended. Very many thanks!
Ian Pugh


What a transformation! Sent in a very tired and well worn pair of Cheaneys, more in hope than expectation. Good communications initially, with options discussed that I didn't know were available. The uppers were water damaged and had become somewhat brittle, and it was touch and go whether they would be able to attach the new sole properly. I gave the go ahead, as there was little to lose (the shoes were all but useless as it stood). As promised, 6 or so weeks later, a Cheaney box arrived containing my shoes. The transformation is astonishing. New soles and heels, new linings and laces. The uppers have received some expert tlc and, whilst they're not back to 'brand new' condition, they look brilliant. Nearly new shoes, already broken in to my foot-shape, with a good few miles in them? For a hundred quid? Bargain...
Ian Carroll

I cannot tell you how happy I am with these shoes

I cannot tell you how happy I am my Cairngorm shoes. I had a pair of Lotus Veldtshoens back in the 70's and have been looking for another pair for ages. I came across yours by accident after having recently purchased a pair of your Chelsea boots at a shop in Bury St. Edmunds. I was so taken with those boots, even though I've worn R.M Williams examples for years, that I looked at your website upon my return to NY state. So glad I did as these shoes are perfect in every way. Thanks so much. All the best, Ian. Ps. Your delivery service is unbelievable, was amazed that they arrived so fast.
James Barber

Love my Cheaney shoes

As far as I know, I have never run into another Cheaney shoe wearer in Chattanooga, TN (USA), my hometown. I can't tell you how many times a week I get complimented on my shoes - people ask all the time what they are and where I got them. Whether it's my Tenterden (favorite pair), or my black Oxford Wingcaps, or my brown Avon Country Brogue Wingcaps, or my James II Wingcaps (expresso, chestnut and dark leaf), I see head turns all the time. I know they're not looking at me - they're looking at my feet! I build my wardrobe every day from the bottom up - which pair of shoes should I wear today, then which socks and pants and shirt and jacket. I even built a special bench for the inside of my home where every shoe lives when not being worn - with their own Cheaney cedar shoe tree, in their own Cheaney bag. And I have a matching Cheaney belt for each pair of shoes. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned - can walk all day in them from the first day out of the box. I'm saving up now for my next purchase - trying to decide which pair to get. They are the best investment I've ever made in my feet! Thank you for making the best shoes on the market, and for your excellent service to this "Yank" all the way across the big pond.
Roger Weichbold

My Wilmslow Capped Derby shoes

I purchased my first Cheaney shoes in 2015, previously being a Lloyds wearer and stalwart. Having been used to an easy wear-in period, the shoes did not disappoint, amazing. On two occasions I have chosen to visit the Desborough location for minor repairs and have been fortunate enough to interact with Mrs S Bone. Mrs Bone, Sheila, facilitated an extraordinary service and support experience for me on both occasions. Cheaney shoes quality UK product, proudly made in Desborough, with great people, service and support. Congratulations and thank you kindly for your time and support Sheila. Roger W(Cambridge, UK)

Cheaney Shoes.

I have been wearing Cheaney shoes for many years. The purchase recently of a pair of suede Monk shoes was the catalyst to write this. They offer a wonderful product that is not only very well made to last with a very high quality of craftmanship but they also offer outstanding customer service. My oldest pair is 23 years old, hving been back to the factory twice to be refurbished. Good old fashioned quality which seems to be sadly lacking elsewhere. Many thanks.


I was honestly considering throwing my shoes out due to the condition but instead went for refurbishment and I am glad I did becuase the results are outstanding. Not only do the shoes now fit great but they look fantastic too. It takes a while but worth the time and expense.
Danny Adamson

Outstanding Customer Service

Thank you to Sheila Bone and all the team at Cheaney shoes for their exceptional service and support. Never in all my years have I experienced such service and, as a consequence, they will have my trade until I need shoes no more. What a wonderful company, what lovely shoes and what truly great service. Thank you to you all.