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Scott , 20:49, 26th April 2021

Refurbishment Service

What can i say. I have three pairs of Jackie R boots and they have been with me for a number of years. They will now be with me for a significantly longer period of time. The expert craftsmanship has restored them all to looking like new. Fabulous output, highly responsive customer services team and truly world class service. Bravo.
GP , 13:27, 5th February 2021

Monk Shoe Purchase

My online purchase of Hutchinson Monk shoes went smoothly and the shoes are just what I wanted. They look and fit well and the sale price was very attractive. Lockdown means I have yet to wear them outside but my heavier Cheaney shoes are ideal for the daily exercise.
Julyan Edwards , 12:40, 4th December 2020

Re heeling

I have just received my Brogue Chelsea Boots back from Cheaney. Thank you so much for a wonderful repair and great polish. This service has returned them to good use again. I am now confident to send others for the same treatment. Thanks again Julyan Edwards
Pat Bush , 16:21, 10th November 2020

Olivia R Ladies Wingcap Brogue Boot Black

I have to give a special mention to your customer service department. Katie went above and beyond to source a pair for me checking stores and recalling a pair from elsewhere. I already have a pair in Mahogany. This is a stylish design and and incredibly comfortable boot. Thank you again for such fantastic service Pat Bush
Janilson Fernandes , 14:45, 13th September 2020


I bought a pair of cheaney shoes in 1996 at a location called simpsons,London England . I took it to Brazil for my weeding,sold it to a friend, bought it back again,brought it to the USA and it still in good shape. Good quality, elegant,classic. It's worth every penny.
Adam Bunting , 18:35, 9th February 2020

Classic British service with a Smile

Our Sunday drive took us to Desborough today and I secretly new why I wanted to visit. From the moment of pulling into the car park I knew this was going to be a shopping experience to remember. James was such a gentlemen. His guidance, advice and knowledge all whilst training a lovely new member of the team. I wish you all the best Maggie. Now the shoes- I love buying a pair of new shoes and have enjoyed every moment wearing my 5 pairs I have already. My selections with careful help today just complete my working attire and I was just pointed in exactly the right direction. Not pushy sales just a classical classy place to acquire a fine piece of British timeless fashion. I left feeling a million pounds with a smile from cheek to cheek. So looking forward to the comments I receive when I wear these shoes as clients on many occasion comment on how well heeled I look. Thank you once again and I will be coming back very soon for a another visit.
Rod Lees , 14:02, 28th June 2019

Service Online

Excellent service changed size return easy Excellent quality and have been buying Cheaney shoes for 40 years and are better than ever
Rob Butterworth , 11:37, 21st May 2019

Excellent customer service

I have to comment on the outstanding customer service I have been given by Cheaney.I bought a pair of their King boots (from a different supplier), and began my normal 'new shoes' routine of conditioning them with Saphir renovateur.Unfortunately the colour began to transfer off the boots onto the cloth! I ended up lightening them to a very pale brown colour.I contacted the factory asking for help, and if transpires that there is a warning on the herring website about not using this cream with burnished boots!So-- I bought the boot from a different supplier AND it was totally my fault as I didn't read the warning!Despite this, John had me return the shoes (for free), and recoloured them (for free) and sent them back (FOR FREE).I have never experienced anything like this - if you are in any doubt that Cheaney shoes are worth the extra money, all I can say is the customer service alone is worth the cost!Many thanks again for your help John.Rob
Paul Wilkinson , 18:17, 12th February 2019

Leeds Store - Good Member of Staff

I have always walked past the store in Leeds and never ventured due to a look I got from a member of staff that worked there. On Sunday (10th February 2019) I decided that I was going in as I have always wanted a pair of Old Classic Derby's. The member of staff working at the time was called Macaulay. This guy knew his stuff and it's refreshing to see someone that actually passionate about working for Joseph Cheaney. Nothing was too much of a problem and although I thought I knew about shoe care, Macaulay gave some great advice. I now own a pair of Old Classic Derby's and now know why my late grandfather always wore Joseph Cheaney shoes.Great service and advice to match the best shoes ever made.
Daniel Navarra , 17:01, 11th January 2019

Cheaney shoes experience

I recently received my new pair of Jackie III chukka boots. The boots fit perfectly and are of very high quality. These are my second pair of Cheaney's, I also own a beautiful pair of Avon C brogues. These shoes, too, are quite well made and bring me a great deal of satisfaction whenever I wear them. Unlike any other shoes I owned in the past, these elicit admiring compliments from complete strangers all the time. My only regret is that I did not discover Cheaney shoes much earlier in my career! I highly recommend this brand to any prospective customers who aspire to own a pair of shoes that exemplify fine traditional English craftsmanship. They are worth every penny! Thank you.