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Product Reviews for Scott R Fur Lined Derby Boot in Bronze Rub Off Grain Leather

Perfect boot?

Visiting london last december to visit family. Stupidly was wearing chuck taylor sneakers. Feet killing me after 45 mins. Just happened to pass by a Cheaney shop - and these were in the window. Gorgeous. Shearling lined. Dainite sole. Pebble grain finish. Storm welts. I wore them out the shop and walked all day (13 miles) around London. Feet super comfortable. I live in USA where these have the added bonus of being super rare. cannot recommend highly enough.

December 15, 2019
Outstanding Winter Boot

I agree with those who've said that these are a wee bit tight and tighter than my Scott in almond grain. However I think it's the leather which will mould to the foot with wear. The leather quality is superb, the look of the boot is fabulous and the build quality is up there with the best and I love the fact that the shearling lining is throughout and not just lining the shafts.

October 19, 2019
Just about perfect

Got these nearly a couple of years ago. I read the review that referred to the fit not being right. My experience was that they felt snug, due to the fleece lining (which is fantastic). The boot is tough as, well, in this case a new boot. I don’t think I’ve worn a shoe or boot as much as this one. Even when the weather’s probably been inappropriate I’ve carried on wearing them, just because over time they’ve become the most comfortable things I can put on my feet.I sent them off for refurbishment after nearly two years of pounding and asked for a commando sole this time. I’ve just got them back and the refurbishment is immaculate. The fur lining (which had been flattened down and worn out in places) has been replaced with new. The boot has been fed and polished and they’re now better than new. Better because the leather has softened and moulded to my feet and everything that was worn out has been replaced.I’ve never been happier with a boot or shoe.Cost per wear in my case means the best value item of clothing or footwear I’ve ever had.I’ve every reason to suppose these will last for decades.

June 30, 2019
Good but tight

Happy customer...having worn my new boots out a few times now, I would say the fit and comfort is no different to any other new pair of leather shoe/boot - in that they'll soften in time. I would agree with the other review, they are a tighter fit than my other Cheaney boots (Hurricane R), but I think this is as much to do with the fur lining, which I hesitate to say will flatten down in time. The style of these boots are great, I'd been surfing the internet for months looking at alternatives, and I struggled to find any other boot which had that 'je ne sais quoi' which I was looking for. These are perfect. The quality thus far looks great, hope to be walking around in these for the next 20+ years!

February 12, 2019

I bought these boots 3 weeks ago and they dont quite fit properly. They are too tight across the top of the foot, which is the last thing you want from heavy boots. I have only worn them indoors and already the stitching has started to come away on the front of the right shoe. These are very expensive boots, so the stitching is more disappointing than the fit across the top of the foot. I will be returning them to the store.

November 11, 2018