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Hunting Green Eco

As a company, Joseph Cheaney & Sons have been committed to producing premium sustainable footwear, fully manufactured within our Northamptonshire factory since 1886. Our ethos has always centered around creating functional and performance-driven collections that don’t compromise on style or comfort.


It is our belief that each company, no matter what its’ size, should endeavour to minimise its environmental impact in a more responsible and conscious manner for the benefit of all. The Eco Aware Collection has taken a year of meticulous research and development, implementing key features that could potentially be applied across the whole manufacturing process within the business. 

Finally, we are ready and we are delighted to introduce the new Eco Aware Collection. 


Known as Eco Buck tannage, Charles F. Stead are at the very forefront of sustainable leathers. The tannage is not only chrome free, but also metal free and the hides are sourced locally in the UK from grass-fed stock. In the UK, the tannery production processes operate within and comply with some of the most rigorous regulations in the world with regards to wastewater discharge. Tannery wastewater is meticulously tested and monitored daily, including regular testing by local water authorities to ensure strict compliance.

CF Stead are proud to offer a renewable and sustainable yet uncompromisingly beautiful material with an added biodegradable advantage. Epitomising the slow fashion ethos, these suedes are designed to be enjoyed for decades offering classic elegance, durability and reparability and thus were the perfect raw material to craft our versatile Eco Collection.
Eco Aware | CF Stead Eco Suede
Eco Aware | Goodyear Welted & Cork Filler


A Northamptonshire tradition, crafted locally, revered worldwide. 

Goodyear welting is the most durable method of shoemaking as it enables the shoe to be repaired several times, extending the life of your Cheaney shoes.


Cork is not only a sustainable raw material, but also universally recognised as the best material to be used as a footbed in the construction of Goodyear welted footwear. It is flexible, water-resistant, lightweight, insulative, shock-absorbing and most importantly, comfortable as it moulds to the contours of the wearer’s foot to offer a truly natural, bespoke result.


Vibram has always researched new solutions that respect the environment whilst producing a high-quality, performance-driven sole. With this in mind, Vibram developed a pioneering eco-compound, the ‘Vibram Ecostep’ which is capable of reducing both waste and the use of virgin materials by up to 50%. Ecostep is the worldwide recycled rubber reference for soling applications. 

The rubber scrap generated by the production process of Vibram soles is recycled in order to produce the Vibram Ecostep compound. 

• Made from a minimum of 30% recycled rubber
• Embodies Vibram’s dedication to environmental conservation 
• High-quality compound formulation
Eco Aware | Vibram
Eco Aware | Bags & Boxes


Dedicated shoe bags offer protection for stored shoes, reducing potential aesthetic issues such as scuffing and scratching. The natural fabric used for the Cheaney Eco Aware bags are composed of regenerated material, comprising of around 60% virgin cotton and 20% regenerated cotton. In addition, the draw string is 100% organic cotton.


The paper used to cover the boxes and the interior lining paper of the cardboard used in the shoe box construction are both constructed from 100% recycled fibre. Only water-based dyes and non-toxic adhesives are added, all materials are 100% recyclable after use. The cardboard, itself can vary from 85%-95% post production and post-consumer waste.


With proper care, Cheaney shoes will give comfort, value and service over a considerable time. However, if after wear you wish to extend the life of your Cheaney shoes, we are able, because of the quality of the materials used in the original manufacturing process, to offer a full refurbishment service. 

On arrival, the shoes are carefully assessed and placed on the original lasts. The soles and heels are removed, along with the welts and, if necessary, insoles. With skill and care, our craftsmen and women rebuild the shoe, using genuine components and reconstruct it to its original specifications.
Eco Aware | Refurbishment
Eco Aware | Carbon Footprint


A very important part for this collection was to be very conscious of its' carbon footprint. To help keep a low carbon footprint we made sure we sourced aspects of the collection as local as possible. 

See the Map showing how close we were able to get our various components for the Eco Aware Collection supplied from.

1. Vibram Ecostep Sole - stocked in Leeds, UK.
2. Eco Suede - supplied from Leeds, UK.
3. Cork Bottom Filler - supplied from Leicester, UK.
4. Eco Boxes - supplied from Northampton, UK.



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