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Product Reviews for Redmond Capped Oxford in Black Calf Leather

Best in my collection

Amazing shapes. Shoes perfectly fit and are very convenient to wear all day long. I wish to have one more pair of these shoes, but with rubber sole: Dainite or Diamond.

September 19, 2020
Worst shoes I ever bought

I bought these shoes in September and by February there was water damage either side of both front seams and a hole virtually through to my sock on the right sole. To summarise my use of the shoes for the 5 or so months they lasted; I walked 8 minutes to the station and back, stood on the tube and walked about 100m from the tube to my office 4 days a week (I dress down on Fridays...). My walk to the station took place in suburban Surrey, not a mountain or a farm. I have owned numerous leather soled shoes before (J Cheaney and Barker Derbies mainly) and been happy with their wear and accepted replacing soles every so often. I have never seen a ‘good’ pair of shoes deteriorate as quickly as these and have never been so shocked as when I was told J Cheaney considered the reconditioning work to be chargeable. The assistant who told me about the charge was embarrassed and I told him to let the factory know they could throw the shoes straight in the bin. To sum up, terrible shoes and even worse customer service. Avoid.

February 29, 2020
Gentleman's Shoes

This is a beautifully designed shoe what makes it so attractive to me is the very clean lines and the shape of the toe plane back leather extremely good quality and they fit like a glove. Outstanding.

December 10, 2019
Comfortable shoes ever!

I bought this pair for my wedding and it didn’t disappoint. Nice fitting and very comfortable leather. Will definitely come again for more.

August 9, 2019

Another pair of top quality shoes by Cheaney!!!!

December 7, 2018