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Product Reviews for Pennine II C Veldtschoen Derby Boot in Burgundy Grain Leather

Very confortable but not up to really rough use

These are the most comfortable items I have ever placed on my feet! After a little resistance they mold to the shape of your feet but still provide great support, which is unusual in my experience. However after about 8 months of use in muddy fields, country and beach footpaths, the stitching started to give way and the leather split. This compromised the weather proof nature of the construction and left me without decent winter footwear. The stitching could have been repaired at the next re-sole and condition, but the split could not. To be fair Cheaney replaced the boots without any trouble. This is the sort of service to be expected for £380 but I also expect a pair of boots to survive more than 1 year at this price. They are after all called Pennines and sold as a more weather proof construction (I never went near terrain like the Pennines!). I had hoped for 10 or so years of constant use with the reconditioning service...I now have to break in a new pair. I suppose I got 8 months wear free but it is still disappointing.

July 15, 2020
Perfect boots

First pair of Cheaney boots. Fit perfectly and are comfortable. The quality and finish are of the highest standard. Will definitely be buying from Cheaney again.

June 12, 2020
I love Veldtschoen - but try these on before purchase

I love Veldtschoen. I have a pair of Veldtschoen shoes in Zug leather that I wear constantly. A few years ago I saw the Pennines on sale and they looked great. Ideal for the Winter I thought.However, there is a known issue with the short laces supplied. Shoe shop lacing pattern or Criss Cross pattern meant I could not lace higher than the eighth hole. I had to unthread the boots and rethread them with every wear. This discouraged me from wearing them so often.Even with longer laces, the closeness of the holes on the boot means there is a lot of lace to fiddle with in a cramped space, even though it looks great when it is in place and also in photographs. Army lacing cuts down on the amount of lacing used.I don’t particularly like speed lacing, though I have it on walking boots. I think standard lacing looks dressier. However, with the benefit of hindsight I would choose speed laces over nine holes. The ideal solution would be a seven hole boot with more room and less lacing required.Alternatively, you might want to consider a Veldtschoen shoe first.

June 7, 2020
Awesome Boots

They are brilliant really nice to wear, doesn’t require any breaking in, a perfect fitting boot for my every day use and a perfect companion to use with a suit...!!

May 4, 2020
Traditional and versatile

My second pair of Pennine boots , my son bagged my first .The materials and manufacturing quality are both first class .The last , styling and veldtschoen construction are a throwback to early / mid 20th century Britain . I wear these with cord trousers / chinos teamed with a wax jackets , tweed sports coat or overcoats . They look great in the city or countryside and have been comfortable on the foot from the box .

May 3, 2020
Derby Boot

I have bought most of the top British brands and Cheaneys are the best for quality of leather and comfortable front day 1

May 3, 2020
Proud to wear them in America

I bought these while on vacation in England and I’m very proud to wear them back here in Colorado. They definitely had taken approximately 10 wearing’s to break in but now are more comfortable each time I wear them. I was very impressed with customer service and even though they are expensive I plan on purchasing more in the future. Special shoes.

November 8, 2019
Quality yet impractical

The leather quality these boots is excellent and the Veltschoen is certainly quite special however the boots should be redesigned. No one will be trudging around the countryside with these boots versus a modern walking boot. The commando sole heel is far too high and stiff, causing impact on the knees and picks up too much dirt to enter the pub after a walk. The addition of speed hooks and a danite sole would greatly increase the versatility around town. Furthermore I'd recommend that tongue should be lined and i could be happy with these boots for 10 years more. Currently these are my second favour boots.

April 27, 2019
An excellent product which is well worth the money

It's three years since I bought my first pair of these boots and they continue to give complete satisfaction.Although they show little wear as yet, I have now bought a second pair as insurance. They are of the same very high quality.Both pairs are beautifully made and very comfortable. The leather is soft. The soles are not heavy despite their thickness and their strength. The bellows tongue provides an extra defence against water ingress.Excellent service and an excellent product which is well worth the money.

February 19, 2019
Great Boot

Got a lot of compliments, on the First day already. Only downside is that the laces that come with the shoe are too short

November 14, 2018
Excellent boots

A fine pair of boots. Not as wide as you might think. ( I am an F fitting, these are only a smidge wider). Easy to wear out of the box and the colour is superb.

April 24, 2018
Worth every pennine!

Great looking boot, quality leather, comfortable right out of the box. It's not as wide as I thought it was,I actually talked to some Reddit users who have the same boot. I love the 4436 last. My most expensive leather shoe but I believe they are worth it. No buyer's remorse here.

April 13, 2017
Great walking boot

I find these boots excellent for walking. The commando sole keeps most of the mud off the leather. Great in wet grass and very warm. I sized up half a size for these boots.

February 28, 2017
Quality pays for itself

I bought my boots from the Brogue trader in Cardiff as I wanted to make certain I had the right fit especially as when your fronting up some serious money you don't want any unnecessary chafing and rubbing. I have had the boots now several weeks and am delighted with the fit, style and build quality, with care these boots will probably last me the rest of my time. I would recommend going to a stockist (Brogue trader were excellent and even gave a complimentary pair of cedar wood trees) So go ahead you will not be disappointed.

December 15, 2016
Tremendous Boots

I have owned a pair of Pennine Veldtschoens for over 10 years. They are an excellent boot, support the ankle, and are waterproof. After a hike, they clean up very nicely. In my view a very handsome and classical piece of footwear.

December 9, 2016