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Product Reviews for Lime R Classic Oxford in Black Calf Leather | Dainite Rubber sole

Attractive and durable

Well built and finished. I needed a formal shoe for work. I always buy Loakes, but I couldn’t find what I needed in my size. I think these shoes will last me for many years.

February 5, 2021

Superb quality shoes – an alternative to my leather-soled Cheaneys that are also Oxfords. I wear the leather soles on dry days and the rubber ones on wet ones. Perfect combination. The Cheaney Lime is a particularly fine-lined shoe – less broad than other models. And sometimes with rubber soles, you get a slightly chunkier appearance that can be off-putting to some people – but not with these.

August 7, 2017
Great pair of shoes.

A number of months ago I needed a pair of shoes for work. I am an airline pilot and take pride in a good pair of functional shoes. These are comfortable, made to last and readily accept a good polish. The Dainite sole was of particular interest to me considering the oils and fuels that might be present on the ramp.

June 13, 2016
Cheaney Lime R

Overall very good quality shoes, however, the rubber sole part at the joint to the hill is not up the standards of quality of the overall product. Recently I bougth 3 pairs of Cheaney shoes, one of them on leather sole and 2 on dainite rubber sole. Quality of the leather sole is faultless. Quality of the rubbers soles on both of the pairs is expected to be better for the overall quality and price of the product.

February 7, 2016