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Product Reviews for Jarrow R Derby Boot in Chicago Tan Chromexcel Leather

Love them

These are the second pair of Cheney boots I have bought. I love them. The colour is darker than I thought it would be but it should age beautifully, the quality is superb and they are very comfortable, they were effectively broken in after the second time I wore them. Any Cheaney footwear is an investment but they are clearly made to last and the quality of materials and workmanship is obvious. They fit as per the size and look good with both formal and casual clothing.

June 6, 2021
Shocking Quality Control

The boots I was sent can only be described as seconds; the eyelets on the left boot were about 1cm higher on one side and there was a footprint with all the stitching. Sent them back, requesting an exchange, but was given a refund instead, perhaps they thought the quality was the best they could do. I did email them, via the contact page on their website, but it seems they’re not working during January 2021 lockdown. Despite the experience I’ve had so far they are just what I’m looking for, and the fit was perfect, so if they could assure me they could send me a decent pair I’d give them another go.

January 7, 2021
The best of British craftsmanship

I have bought many pairs of leather shoes from other British shoe manufacturers but the quality of these boots is on a higher level! Great fit and look good - not cheap but then quality costs and just think..they will last and you’ll have them for years. Very pleased !

July 2, 2020
What an amazing boot!!!

I just took delivery of these and man are they good.. I have multiple British brands (all the well known ones) but was completely surprised how nice these are. They are super comfortable right out of the box even if the leather feels a little stiff. I also don’t think the pictures really capture how good they look. The feel snug enough whilst being roomy with no hotspots. First day walking the dogs in’m and absolutely perfect. In love with my new boots. The fit the color. Personally I think they work great with jeans and chinos..

May 29, 2020
Top drawer

Not my first pair of Cheaney shoes and not my last. As with all their shoes these are incredibly well made and extremely comfortable, like wearing a pair of slippers. They look superb and are worth every penny given their quality. Expensive for sure but in my opinion worth it.

February 7, 2020
The perfect winter boots

Absolutely love these shoes! Been looking for a robust winter boot for a while that you can wear all the time including being smart enough to wear in the evenings. These boots tick all the boxes. The leather is extremely comfortable but hard wearing. The quality is second to none. Well worth the investment as sure I’ll be wearing these for many years.

September 27, 2019
British Heritage - Very High Quality Workmanship

This is the first time I have invested in purchasing boots from Joseph Cheaney and I must say that I am very impressed with them. In my opinion, they actually look way better than their photos. And the Dark Chicago Tan Colour looks superb. The fit is perfect for me and the very high quality workmanship that has gone into these is impeccable. The boots are Goodyear Welted and are very well made. And they just exude of quality. And boots look great with slim fit jeans or Chinos and I am very proud to own a part of our long standing shoe-making British Heritage.

September 25, 2019
Great boots, but the laces...

just aren't long enough. I have had to buy longer ones as otherwise I have to partially unlace the boots to get in and out of them, which will ultimately lead to failure of the lace ends. Once on the boots are an incredibly comfortable fit right from the off.

April 15, 2019
the boot is made well; but, alas without the Goodyear Welt /Storm Welt

Despite the shortcomings; and, as user of the Cordovan Shell Leather made by Church's, JarrowR in the Cromexcel in Chicago Tan, is wonderful; and, since, I have also purchased the 2 x English Tan; all of which, I shall get storm Welted for £50 extra charge when the re-sole and re-heeling needs to be undertaken as part of the repair and refurbishment process, at its factory where it was made. Alas!, one other crucial aspect in the functioning of the boots, the shortcoming of the length of the supplied laces which are 120cm. Now, I require 3 x 160cm waxed round 4mm-5mm thick laces.

February 2, 2019
Excellent quality boot

Tried these on in the shop but didn’t have my size in my requested colour. Not a massive issue, ordered online and were delivered in a few days. The shop were also out of shoe cream. Perfect smart boot that can be worn with jeans or smart trousers. Very good fit for me, no doubt will last for years.

December 29, 2018
By far the best pair of shoes I've ever owned

I've worn these to work nearly every day for six months now, and I absolutely love them. They were comfortable right out of the box, and most importantly to me, they look perfectly proportioned in a size 13, unlike some other designs that turn into clown shoes in larger sizes. The Chromexcel leather does scratch pretty easily, but the scratches also brush out easily, and a recent treatment with Saphir cream has them looking good as new again. These boots are absolutely perfect as far as I'm concerned, and definitely worth the price. I'd say Cheaney has earned a customer for life, but since these seem like they'll last forever I'm not actually sure when I'll ever need to buy something from them again.

May 9, 2018
Magnificent boots

Some beautiful boots, colour is fantastic. Superlative quality, Will last all the life, the construction is very robust and the leather is guessed of unbeatable quality. first Cheaney boots but not the last ones

January 16, 2018
Chicago tan is much darker than in Cheaney photos

As you would expect from a Cheaney boot, the Jarrow R are well made and the fit is great. The leather feels thick yet supple with a nice soft sheen.Be advised that the Chicago Tan Chromexcel on these Jarrow boots looks very VERY dark brown. In fact, they look completely black unless you get some strong light directly on them when you see a hint of brown/burgundy showing through at some points. I have a feeling these will get more light over time to reveal the beautiful mottled effect in the photos, but don't expect that look out of the box.

January 10, 2018
Robust and comfy

Comfortable and supportive. Laces are too thick for my arthritticky fingers - but easily changed.Have already had a lot of wear in all weathers and conditions.

December 22, 2017