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Product Reviews for Cairngorm II C Country Derby Veldtschoen in Burgundy Grain

Cairngorm II

I took the risk of ordering these shoes online and couldn't be more happy with them. Wonderful craftsmanship and perfect fit right out of the box. Looking forward to many years of use. Only sad thing is that there's no retailer in Berlin for cheaney shoes. Means I might have to take the risk again and order online. I probably will..

June 8, 2021
5 stars if laces were longer

Bought them at the Coal Drops Yard shop. Dealt with Louise, who was very helpful and professional. The shoes themselves are great, but the laces, really are too short, they are barely long enough to knot and not tidily. Considering the price of the shoes, a longer pair of laces would have really helped. That being said, I have since changed the laces. Before wearing them outside for the first time, I gave them a good shine. They are so comfortable, built like a tank whilst also being smart casual. You can wear these on the hard streets of London or in the countryside. Look after them and they will serve you well for years to come. Cheaney, don't forget, longer laces..............

November 16, 2019
Cairngorm 2

Beautiful colour, built like a tank, 4436 last makes for a handsome perennial design. Shape and proportions appear just right to me. Shoelaces are indeed too short so had to change them. G fitting is not that wide at all, unlike the Trickers Bourton, quite true to size. Leather is soft, comfortable from the first wear. Look forward to a lifetime of use.

May 2, 2019
Built like a brick, look amazing

I recently purchased the Stour C, a similar model which appears to be out of production now.I echo the comment on the short-ish laces (just 2" longer is all that's required) but otherwise I love the construction and the features.The shoes feel like they're built like a brick, but surprisingly don't weigh as much as one. They've got an ageless vintage look that still looks great.I can't wait to trudge through city rain puddles and snow in these... but I love them too much to subject them to harsh terrain and mud, although I'm sure they'd cope just fine!

December 21, 2018
One of life’s essentials

These are such great shoes I love them. If I was going to identify anything to improve: 1 Longer shoelaces (I end up buying long leather laces) 2 A longer tongue so it comes above the laces. This woudd be my perfect shoe

November 2, 2018
My Lifetime Favourite Shoes

I am on my second pair of these shoes since 1990. The first pair withstood three full field seasons of high Alpine geological fieldwork including heavy damage running down screes. They polished up beautifully even after this abuse. My second pair I have had for eight years, are on their second set of soles and they are moulded to my feet, they still look really nice. The leather interior linings are holding up extremely well.

September 30, 2018
Great, versatile shoes

I've had these shoes for a month now. They are incredibly comfortable, with no wearing in period at all. My work day takes me from food production facilities, through industrial yards, to customer facing sales meetings, and these shoes can comfortably live in all those environments, which is impressive in itself. I've owned shoes from CT, Church's, and Loake before, and these are far and away the best I've ever owned.

May 10, 2018
The ultimate

My Cairngorms are now 7 years old and have been refurbished three times by Cheaney. I have worn these shoes every day for nine months of each year, mostly over fields and moors running gun dogs. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, hard wearing and never a wet sock; my only change to standard has been my personal preference for the Dainite sole Goodyear welted. I consider these to be the ultimate in field shoes and will eventually replace them with a new pair of Cheaney Cairngorms.

December 18, 2017
Six months on

It's now six months after I bought these shoes from the Leeds store and I can say without doubt they're the best fitting shoes I've ever had thanks to the wide G fitting. I've worn them at least 4 days a week, even across fields with dogs, and are still unmarked. I'm pleased to say too I took the advice given in the shop about sizing and thankfully I've avoided "clown shoes" - their words! The only downside is why can't they come in black too?

June 20, 2017
comfort and endurance

Took time to run in, but now the most comfortable outdoor shoes I have ever worn, especially for long days.

June 18, 2017
The Cheaney Experience

Firstly ten out of ten for a brilliant service, I ordered these shoes online and arranged to collect them from the factory shop in Desborough, a very slick process. The shoes are really fantastic, better than they look on the pictures. The last shape is great for a wider foot and the veldtschoen design makes them look less bulky than a Goodyear welt. I haven't got them wet yet but the design looks properly water resistant. As always with Cheaney shoes the leather and build quality are second to none, worth every penny!

March 31, 2017