The British Collective: Bremont Chronometers

The British Collective: Bremont Chronometers

As part of a new blog series, The British Collective celebrates fellow Made in Britain brands and aims to highlight companies whose ethic, ethos and dedication to quality reflect our own. With this in mind, we are starting the series with a brand spotlight on the Bremont Watch Company, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of fine, mechanical timepieces with a watch making facility based in Henley-on-Thames and a separate parts manufacturing facility in Ruscombe.

Bremont Watchmaking Facility, Henley-On-Thames

The art of watchmaking has formed part of British manufacturing for hundreds of years. In 1800, an incredible 200,000 pieces were crafted on British territory by British watchmakers, which equated to around half of the world’s produced pieces. A staggering 60-70% of the innovation in a typical modern mechanical watch has come from Britain, which illustrates just how much craft and key innovation came from our shores.

Horology in Britain saw pivotal developments around the mid 1600’s and with peaks in geographical and scientific discovery across Europe and beyond, there was a surge in technological advancements for British engineering, especially those concerning oceanic navigation.

Styles Broadsword and Arrow

However, by 1900, the number of watches being crafted fell dramatically to around 100,000 and this was primarily due to countries such as the US and Switzerland adopting a ‘mass manufacture’ approach to watchmaking. Britain also had the skills of its horological craftsmen redeployed during the war years, leaving the watchmaking industry bereft. But there was a resurgence and in recent years the notion of blending finely crafted watches on an industrial scale was adopted to reinvigorate the industry.

Bremont has been at the forefront of the rebirth of British watchmaking. By manufacturing its own cases and some movement components in-house and investing in the horological skillset of its workforce, they continue to be heralded as one of the finest watchmakers in the world.

Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, it took 5 years of continued development that saw them release their first collection of timepieces that were inspired by their collective passion for both aviation and precision engineering. The companies’ maxim, ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’ enforces the notion of performance and quality, of functionality and durability and this has seen their luxury timepieces being put to the test by a host of professional athletes, adventurers and pilots.

Founders Nick & Giles English

Their products are set to last more than a lifetime and their durability transcends that of traditional, conventional timepieces. Each Bremont case is crafted from a stainless-steel that has a solidity of 2000 Vickers, that is to say, 7 times that of the average steel watch case. The winding rotor in the sapphire crystal case back is hand-cut and engraved, the accuracy of time-keeping and the nine layers of anti-reflective coating applied to both sides of the glass for increased legibility have cemented Bremont’s place as one of the world’s top 10 chronometer manufacturers.  

Nirmal ‘Nims’ Purja MBE, Nepalese Mountaineer

Each Bremont watch is made with a precision and detail that is unparalleled, but it’s their quintessential English design that truly sets them apart from other watchmakers. Founders Nick and Giles English aimed to create a timepiece that could be worn everywhere from the boardroom to extreme environmental and performance-testing activities. From lab to field testing, Bremont watches have been put through their paces in harsh, unforgiving environments, everywhere from the peaks of the world’s harshest mountains to the depths of the most unforgiving seas.

Bremont’s core values of precision, durability and individuality have lead them to develop a limited production line of high-end, luxury timepieces whose craft and design are unrivaled. To find out more and discover the full collection, visit