Love Lockdown

Love Lockdown

As Kayne West famously waxed lyrical, “Keep your love lockdown, your love lockdown“. Little did we know back in 2008 when the song was originally released that 13 years later, 2021’s Valentine’s day would be spent with our partners who we have been actually locked down with, and consistently sharing space with, for almost a year.

But as the last year has shown us, people have faced adversity with tenacity and positivity and those relationships that we hold dear to us have, in many ways, strengthened. Many of us undoubtedly will emerge from lockdown, whenever that may be, with a renewed appreciation for the things we used to take for granted, such as a hug from a dear friend, a romantic dinner-date with a loved one or a relaxed coffee-date with a group of pals.

Men’s style Cairngorm in Black Grain, Women’s style Leiston in Burgundy Grain

Our approach to consumption, including those meaningful, well-thought out gifts, has also shifted in the last 12 months and there has been a resurgence in the notion of repairing, re-wearing and consciously thinking about the items we spend our hard-earned money on. Customers are now opting for products that will stand the test of time and are constructed with longevity, quality and the environment in mind.

We have been inherently sustainable as a brand since our founding days, over 135 years ago. The materials that we use, the manner of which we utilize our raw materials and the method of which we produce our glorious footwear results in a truly luxe product that is eco-aware and has it’s foundations routed directly in substance and style. Our footwear can also be refurbished, making them a great gift that will stand the test of time.

Men’s Tweed boot in Moutarde Crinkle Suede and Women’s Beccles in Dark Leaf

When we designed our Autumn Winter 21 Collection, we had our loyal customers in mind. We have listened to the vast amount of emails we received from women asking for styles that reflected the iconic designs we make for men, that they also wanted a Goodyear welted shoe that was robust, masculine in design but feminine in their finish (with more slender toe caps and decorative punch detailing) and we listened. With this in mind, we took to creating an AW collection that met this demand. And for our gentlemen customers, we took our most iconic Cheaney styles and reinvigorated them with new sole, colour and finish offerings, such as the above Cairngorm, which has been a bestseller for Cheaney for decades in burgundy and is now available in both black and almond grain.

With women’s versions of our traditional men’s styles now on offer, we’re not saying you have to be THAT couple who match their looks, but if you wish to do so, we’re all for it. Happy Valentines Day.

Men’s Pennine III in Burgundy Grain and Women’s Penhill in Black Grain