Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is a global, collective day celebrated on the 8th March every year to celebrate the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women. At Cheaney shoes, we would like to support the day by celebrating women of Cheaney and one room in particular comes to mind. The Closing Room has a predominantly female workforce which is not by design but rather, has evolved over the years to always house the majority of female staff. These talented seamstresses and closing room operatives undertake the hefty task of bringing our shoes to life by stitching the various components together. The women’s tireless commitment and attention to detail at Cheaney is utterly commendable and the resulting footwear is some of the finest in the country.

In honor of these women and in support of IWD itself, we asked a handful of Closing Room operatives what their greatest achievement in their life has been so far, to tell us something they are proud of or offer a quote that is particularly meaningful to them.

Deb, 7 years with Cheaney.
‘To be strong is one thing, to be strong around others is another.’

Leona, 8 years with Cheaney.
‘To be yourself when the world around you is trying to change you in to something else is a great accomplishment.’

Maggie, 7 years with Cheaney.

‘In Poland, women are celebrated on IWD by being given a flower. It’s a tradition I really like but I’m also proud to be here in the UK for many years.’

Sue, 10 years with Cheaney.

I’m proud of passing my driving test, my son and my miracle grandson.’

Pat, 20 years with Cheaney.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish a warm farewell to Pat and thank her for her service to Cheaney as today marks Pat’s 80th birthday and also, her last day with us as she is retiring after two decades with the company.

‘I’m especially proud of working until the age I am but I feel it’s now time to leave.’

Pat has assured me that she is looking forward to retiring and her first port of call will be to do some much needed gardening at her home. We wish you all the best Pat!

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