Happy International Women’s Day 2020

Happy International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day falls on Sunday 8th March 2020 and the global campaign this year centered around #EachForEqual; with an equal world being an enabled world. The narrative revolves around the notion that we can all individually challenge negative stereotypes, encourage a global conversation on equality and recognizing women’s achievements across the spectrum and for us that means celebrating the diverse talent we have across all areas of our business.


In our factory, 50% of the total workforce are female and of the managerial roles here, 30% are undertaken by women. Mel (pictured above) is the Assembly Manager and oversees all activity across four departments (Assembly, Lasting, Making and Finishing) which all take place in one room. Her workforce is entirely male and she is responsible for ensuring production is running efficiently and effectively. She is an integral member of the Cheaney team and oversees a crucial role within the business that requires an impeccable attention to detail and a strong leadership style.


Stacie joined the Cheaney team almost a year ago after completing her degree at Northampton University. She is the youngest Pattern Room Assistant employed here but her fresh, innovative approach to design and concept development ensures she has valuable input in to the final designs that create our seasonal collections.


The Clicking Room is a predominantly male-dominated space with the majority of high-skilled clickers having many years experience in the field. Beth began stitch-marking but demonstrated an exceptional eye for detail and when given a centre-design that even some of the most skilled clickers were struggling with, she aligned the pattern perfectly and was quickly moved to cutting linings. Her continued development is encouraged by the other clickers in the room and her work ethic and willingness to learn is wholly supported by the business.

Leslie, Teresa, Cheryl
The Closing Room

In contrast to our Making room, the Closing room is an almost entirely-female workforce and they stitch and close the components of the shoes before they make their way to lasting.

On this International Women’s Day, we wish to thank our entire female workforce for their dedication, their expertise and their incredible contribution to the success of the business.