Factory Friday; Ray’s 50 Years Of Service

Factory Friday; Ray’s 50 Years Of Service

Joint MD’s William and Jonathan Church alongside Factory Director Alex presenting Ray with a Tag Heuer Aquaracer for his 50 years of service

Today’s Factory Friday doesn’t follow the usual interview format as this wasn’t a usual interview. Instead, myself, Joint MD’s William and Jonathan Church and Factory Director Alex all sat down with Ray and his wife to reminisce over the 50 years of service Ray has given to Joseph Cheaney & Sons.

Ray worked in the Clicking Room, starting in 1969 when he was 15 years old cutting backers and socks. Ray even remembers when Dick Cheaney himself ran the factory and when asked what the man was like, Ray comments that he was generally soft spoken and quite a busy chap. Having spent the majority of time in the Clicking Room, Ray recalls a time many years ago when work was quiet within the factory and he would fill his week doing any jobs that needed to be done, whether that was bottom filling with cork resin, threading laces or skiving (which he admits with a small smile that he wasn’t the best at). When asked what plans he has for retirement, Ray commented that himself and his wife have a trip planned for the coming weeks as long as his sister can look after their guinea pigs (all 26 of them!). He also suggests he will crack on with some DIY around the house, with his wife adding that it will be nice to have him in the home that they have shared for the past 30 years.

Ray cutting out the leather at his work bench on his last day

We would like to thank Ray for his dedication to the factory, for the skills and craftsmanship he has used every day in all his years of service and we wish him all the best for his retirement.