Cheaney Shoes For The Groom

Cheaney Shoes For The Groom

First of all, if you’ve landed on this page as a groom-to-be then congratulations! We’re sure you’ve had an emotional journey planning your wedding with your other half, from picking the perfect venue, to selecting glorious food for your reception, to making the all-important decision of, ‘do we want the powder blue or arctic blush flowers?’ Now, whilst these decisions hold equal importance (kind of) and we’re sure you have pondered and debated greatly on finalizing decisions (kind of), now is the time to focus on you, the groom, and most importantly, your shoes.

At Joseph Cheaney & Sons, we are dedicated to providing high class mens footwear in designs to suit any occasion, so you’re sure to discover the perfect wedding shoes for the groom among our various handcrafted footwear collections. But where do you start? What are the things to bear in mind when selecting the perfect accompaniment to your suit? Let’s talk you through them;

  • Suit colour and style – Ensure that everything coordinates well by taking your suit colour and material into consideration, whether its a three-piece suit, morning coat or a smoking jacket.
  • Time of year – The time of year and venue where the wedding will take place should be taken into account when picking shoes for the groom. Is it an elegant venue in winter when there is likely to be inclement weather, or an outdoor summer wedding taking place on grass?
  • Style of shoe – Consider which smart shoe style would be the most appropriate with your attire, from Derby, loafer to Oxford shoes. Also think about the material and finish of the shoe, from patent leather to full grain, there’s so much choice.
  • Colour decisions – The colour of your wedding shoes will obviously be influenced by your suit, so select your shoe colour wisely, from black, tan, dark brown or burgundy for versatile colours. For a pop of colour and a way to display your personality, try a vibrant pair of socks for an unexpected twist!Groom Jon Walker wears our Arthur lll Brogue in Dark Leaf Calf Leather (@jonnywalker75)


For traditional tastes, it makes sense to opt for the classic brogue shoe which promises a beautiful appearance and a comfortable fit. Our selection of men’s brogues includes the popular Derby and Oxford style, which are impeccable options as wedding shoes for the groom. We stock highly decorated wing cap styles in calf leather and plough suede, with attractive two-tone options also available for extra detail.


Arthur lll Brogue in Dark Leaf

Edwin Two Tone Oxford Brogue in Chestnut Leather / Navy Suede


Derby Shoes

If your wedding suit is navy, as is the colour du jour for formalwear, then why not opt for brown Derbies to provide a flattering, contrasting feature to your outfit? Select your preferred tone from our extensive collection, from deep hued burgundies to rich tans, our sophisticated vintage collection provides a variety of colours for a more casual, rugged leather shoe.

Deal Derby Shoe in Mahogany Grain

Groom Alex Pardey wears our Cambridge Oxford shoe with a customized patina (@shoes_maketh_man)

Oxford brogues

For an elegant option to wear on your wedding day that will look superb with any style of suit, Oxford brogues will certainly deliver. Our collection of men’s Oxford brogues prove that classic footwear still reigns supreme when it comes to effortless sophistication. The Broad II Oxford wingcap brogues in soft calf leather feature perforated detailing for a subdued, yet distinguished design and finish that adds something extra to an unadorned leather shoe.

Broad II Oxford Wingcap Brogues in Black Calf Leather

Groom Phil Fitzpatrick wears our Alfred Capped Oxford in Conker (@phillio47)

By choosing a pair of Cheaney shoes, you will be investing not only in a shoe that will provide superior style and comfort for one of the most important days of your life, but also in footwear that is made to last for years to come. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@josephcheaney) so we can see what style you chose for you big day!