Cheaney Interview; Carlos Tomar on Business, Social Media & Dapper Style

Cheaney Interview; Carlos Tomar on Business, Social Media & Dapper Style

Trying to a find a seat amidst a bustling café during a lunch-time surge in London’s cosmopolitan Marylebone area is proving particularly difficult. But Carlos Tomar takes the hustle and bustle in his stride with the cool, unwavering demeanour of a city native. Bournemouth-based Carlos has travelled to meet with me to talk all things British, craftsmanship, social media and of course, shoes.

We eventually find a free corner and hands cupping artisan Americano coffees, discuss the ever-rising following on his Instagram account and his feelings towards the influencer online status that is increasingly revered in our modern culture.

Carlos Attending Pitti Uomo 2020

He smiles wanly, stating “I think I’m at the very beginning of my journey as a successful blogger. I think that one of the factors that contributed to the growth of my Instagram account is probably the variety in my style and the approach I have to each of my outfits. It starts with the colour of the socks and ends with the fabric of the chosen look. Of course, attending fashion events such as Pitti Uomo helps you grow on the platform because there is a certain exposure that comes with showcasing your style at these events. I attended recently with a group of friends and we would all choose our outfits for the coming days, giving each other advice on whether to wear that tie or that shirt with that outfit. Sometimes we would end up with 4 or 5 looks for one day! But such is Pitti.”

I have to admit that I agree, and Carlos’ personal style is a perfect match for the flamboyant, overt celebration of dapper style that is prominent at Pitti Uomo. Many of the attendees turn out in their finest regalia, resulting in an event that draws not only brands, wholesalers and buyers, but an eclectic mix of models, street wear photographers and influencers of all levels. His own style reflects this sense of grandeur and his penchant for spectator shoes in particular eludes to an appreciation of a time when men’s style and overall presentation was more refined and curated. “Two-tone shoes in particular remind me of 1930s and they are ideal shoes for those who want to experience a style challenge whilst appreciating the timeless silhouette of a wingtip. I just love them.”   

In King’s Cross’ Coal Drops Yard

Carlos himself has only been blogging for a year and admits that his approach to styling has changed very little, but the idea of documenting his daily outfits and travels was a novel one that appealed to his desire to share his passion with an audience. Presently, he divides his time between London and Bournemouth, where he owns a successful barbers shop. “These two professions cross over ideally for me, as there’s a flexibility in managing my own schedule. To own a business is certainly not easy, however I do find that blogging is something I really enjoy and is a bit of a release. The two ventures compliment each other nicely for me.”

Yet his desire to learn more about fashion and styling began way before Carlos became a business owner. “I first put on a pair of Cheaney shoes around 6 years ago and I fell in love with the quality and craftsmanship but above all, it was the style. The main factors for me personally when choosing footwear are comfort, the fit and the style and Cheaney stood out for me in this regard.  I then started to read more about the shoes more and familiarized myself with the history of the family, the heritage and on the shoe production side of manufacturing and I became an instant fan. Choosing any product is personal but my advice to those seeking an opinion on selecting footwear is to go for a style that you choose completely for yourself, and enjoy it.”