Cheaney & Cherchbi Collaboration

Cheaney & Cherchbi Collaboration

For Autumn/Winter 2015 we have teamed up with Cherchbi, a British bag maker to co-design a boot and brogue. To mark the occasion we also visited four iconic London pubs, documenting each stop with award-winning photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce.

We visited North London’s Grafton Pub, Adam & Eve in East London, The Mayflower in South London, and last but not least, West London’s Paradise bar.

Herdwyck No.10 tweed is made from 100% pure wool, all of which is spun, woven and finished within the British Isles. The colour and texture of the finished cloth is derived from the distinctive Herdwyck fleece. The brittle white fibres visible in the tweed are kemp fibres, which occur naturally in the Herdwyck fleece. Spinning is slowed down to give the yarn greater strength, this is then densely woven and finally bonded with natural rubber to cotton lining. The result is a unique, naturally robust, waterproof woollen tweed. Although the natural rubber creates an impermeable layer, making the tweed waterproof, the surface tweed itself will absorb liquids.

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