Ask Alex: Top 5 Essential Shoe Styles For Women

Ask Alex: Top 5 Essential Shoe Styles For Women

Let’s talk about shoes.

For a worryingly long time, the women’s footwear market, for the most part, has been dominated by decorative items as opposed to footwear. It’s saturated with utterly impractical towering heels and angular edges which are so far removed from the shape of a foot that it makes you wince just looking at them.

This isn’t helped by the somewhat archaic outlook on what is classed as ‘uniform’ in certain city firms, highlighted by the controversy a few years ago caused by a woman being sent home from work for refusing to wear heels. It doesn’t take a new-age way of thinking or millennial influence to work out how wrong that is. I see hundreds of men a week who I would happily send home because of their shoes, but that’s a rant for another day.

But times are a’changing.

In response to this, Cheaney’s collection for women has taken off as a reliable, comfortable range of shoes that are crucially made to last whilst also being distinctive in style. We aren’t pretending to be something we’re not; no stilettos here, but they are entirely made in England and Goodyear welted, exactly like the men’s. In fact, there’s no difference in manufacture whatsoever from the gent’s range apart from the fact they’re smaller. As 50% of the population, why should you expect to get any less?

With this in mind, I’ve done what I enjoy best and compiled a LIST. Here are 5 styles from our ladies’ range that are worth your attention.

1. Brogues
No longer are these just for businessmen in pinstripe suits. Perfect workwear, or equally at home with more casual jeans if you’re looking for a slightly smarter look without the risk of breaking your ankles.

2. Chelsea Boots
From my time selling women’s shoes, this style has always been incredibly popular. Comfortable, easy to wear, easy to throw off, easy to buy. (Note: probably the best piece of subliminal messaging I’ve ever written).┬áIf you need something a bit different, give our jodhpur boot a go. Likewise, our Victoria model offers something a little more rugged. Tasty.

3. Laced boots
You can go down a couple of different routes with these: Oxford laced Balmoral boots (our new Anna model is one I’ve been trying to squeeze into myself), Derby boots (Check out the Jess in extremely hard wearing Chromexcel leather) or heavier winter boots. Or take them all. Nothing wrong with that. (Note: more incredible subliminal messaging there).

4. Loafers
No more wet feet at the first sight of rain in flats: the Cheaney Martha is here to offer you the support and resilience of a rubber sole on a classy looking penny loafer.

5. The Wild Card
Have my previous 4 brilliant suggestions been too ‘mainstream’ for you? Have you already bought everything else? (Okay, I’ll stop with the subliminal messages). Take a gander at our Lulu model. As individual as you need them to be and with a Vibram sole, so lightweight that you’ll need to tie them down at the end of the day.

There we go. No longer do you need to settle for expensive, badly made and uncomfortable shoes for work or leisure. Come and see what all the fuss is about.

Post written by Lime Street Store Manager, Alex Pardey (IG:@shoes_maketh_man)