Hello Marylebone; our 8th London Store

Hello Marylebone; our 8th London Store

When joint Managing Directors William and Joanathan Church acquired Cheaney in a management buyout in 2009, they vowed to open a Cheaney store every year. Not only was this to give Cheaney a definitive bricks and mortar presence, but also to solidify the accessibility of the brand across London and beyond.

All Cheaney shoes are expertly handcrafted and meticulously constructed over a period of 8 weeks and are entirely produced under one roof. The clicking of the leather, stitching, closing, lasting and finishing all takes place in the same factory that we have called home since 1896. But once they leave the place of their inception, selected styles continue their journey to one of our 11 stand-alone stores where they are then in the hands of a very different kind of expert.

Investing in talented individuals does not stop with our craftsmen and women at the factory but rather, extends throughout the business in its entirety. All of our stores have a dedicated team of professional staff who are well-versed in assisting customers, whether new to the brand or familiar, in choosing their perfect Cheaney piece. Advising on fit, style, last shape and everything in between, an emphasis is always placed on creating an experience for our customers that is informative, unique and most importantly, tailored to them.

The Marylebone Village area was chosen due to it’s distinctive geographical position and cosmopolitan edge. The location itself boasts a shopping district that’s a far-cry from the heaving bustle of the main London shopping capital, emanating a more tranquil experience with a greater sense of community and unity . Charming, whimsical and perfect for those seeking a leisurely stroll, the street is interspersed with wonderfully British brands and flanked by some truly striking architecture. A variety of eateries and specialist stores culminate in an area that is both vibrant and thriving.

Bearing the personality of Marylebone Village in mind, our interior designers were keen to break away ever so slightly from some of the characteristics of our other stores, starting with the colour palette. Leaning heavily on the notion of creating a bright, inviting space with a contemporary edge and displaying a carefully curated product range ensured the shop would not feel amassed by inventory. We wanted customers to have the freedom to peruse, to inspect and to admire with the ability to discover our range at their own pace. We still paid homage to our heritage of course, with references to our history peppered throughout the store displays and walls. However, whilst we must always respect our past heritage, we are keen to embrace the future with designs that reflect a modern aesthetic whilst using traditional techniques and this can be seen in the pinnacle of our craftsmanship, our Imperial collection, which presently takes centre-stage at the Marylebone store.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect addition to your footwear collection, functionally stylish leather accessories or just fancy having your shoes polished, you can find our new store at 1A Marylebone High Street.

1A Marylebone High Street, London