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New Arrival

Introducing Kelham, a new addition to our Cheaney X Goral Trainer Collection. Capturing heritage and modernity by bringing together Cheaney values and Goral craftsmanship. Kelham is a unisex trainer available in sizes 3 to 12 all made in the Goral factory in Sheffield, UK.


The Cheaney Journal

For behind the scenes factory interviews, shoe care guides, style information and new arrivals, head over to The Cheaney Journal

Rambling Man
Rambling Man - Trying Not To Be A Robot

Working in customer-facing sales, I find myself repeating myself a lot. Not necessarily repeating m...

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Rambling Man
Rambling Man - On the subject of summer footwear decorum

I’ll probably step on some toes by saying this, but I really don’t like flip flops. I may as we...

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Stores Opening on 12th April - Welcome Back

The majority of our stores will be flinging open their doors with a theatrical flourish on the 12th...

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Rambling Man
Rambling Man - ‘Menswear’ and all its problems

It’s easy to forget that we’re all carrying computers in our pockets. The mobile phone that we ...

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Rambling Man - How On Earth Did I Get Here?

As soon as you arbitrarily complete 18 calendar years of life, you’re suddenly considered an adul...

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Rambling Man
Rambling Man - Why We Shouldn't Shun Suede

Many of you have reached out to us on social media to comment on how much you enjoyed hearing the r...

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cheaney heritage - Made In England Since 1886

Joseph Cheaney founded the company and moved to the present site in 1896. In 1903 Joseph's sons Arthur and Harold joined the company. In 1930 "Dick" Cheaney, grandson of the founder, joined the company.In 1966 Cheaney won the Queen's Award to industry and was sold to Church and Company. In 2009 Jonathan and William Church bought the company. Their family has been making fine shoes for five generations and they are fully committed to producing the finest footwear entirely made in England.